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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing


Grow your business with an inbound marketing process that attracts, converts and provides a measurable end result.

We have seen first-hand how inbound marketing can transform a business. In 2006, our partner and inspiration, HubSpot, created a methodology that would forever change the world of marketing.

Inbound marketing is a highly effective marketing method that leverages personalized content that focuses on attracting quality prospects to your company, converts that traffic into leads and ultimately closes them as customers. This effective blend of content marketing tactics aligns your website and content channels with your ideal customer (buyer personas) that naturally brings prospects to your website. As an end result, you’ll build a dream customer client base.

The Major Themes in an Inbound Marketing Strategy & Plan

  • Content Creation – Content is developed and then disseminated that is specific to a buyer persona. That content provides helpful and useful information to give answers to the specific pain points your buyers may be seeking help with. You then take that content and deliver it to the world.
  • Lifestyle Marketing – You recognize that people go through stages as they interact with your company and that each stage requires different marketing actions.
  • Personalization – As you learn more about your leads over time, you can better personalize your messages to their specific needs.
  • Multi-Channel – Inbound marketing by its very definition is designed to reach people where they reside. You want to deliver content that is relevant and gets to the buyers where they live and where they can interact with you.
  • Integration – Your website, your content, your analytics, and your strategy are all integrated with a state-of-the-art marketing automation set of tools. This gives you the power to devote all of your marketing energy to getting the right content in the right place and at the right time for your pre-defined campaigns.

Inbound Marketing Leads vs. Outbound Advertising Leads.

Based upon information supplied by Search Engine Journal, leads that come from inbound marketing costs 60% less than those leads that come from outbound advertising. In other reports from sources like HubSpot and Marketing Profs, the cost per lead of inbound vs. outbound shows inbound costing 61% less.

RDM Online Onboarding Workshops.

  1. Establish visitor to revenue sales funnel model.
  2. Create a site architecture plan that is crafted to convert visitors into marketing qualified leads.
  3. Determine website KPI’s for ongoing measurement.

With the myriad of inbound and outbound tactics available to marketers today, and the rapidly evolving state of marketing best practices, our Online Onboarding Workshop(s) ensures that as your marketing partner we fully understand your business, and we are pro-actively offering you ROI-driven solutions to grow your company.

The understanding that comes from this workshop will ensure that your digital presence – everything from your website, your blog, your social media efforts, and your email marketing campaigns – works together to become your best-performing salesperson.

Starting with your business goals and working through the sales funnel, we will ensure that you successfully deliver on these goals. Together we will review the current marketing tactics you are using and align your marketing efforts, mapping them back to your goals. This will include our recommendations for your website construction and functionality. Following the workshop, we will provide buyer personas and key engagement mechanisms to maximize your website’s value and begin sales funnel engagement to all-important audiences, including cross-selling / upselling existing clients, as well as attracting and nurturing net new business.

The Online Onboarding will include:

  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Keyword Based Content Development
  • Content Calendars for Blog & Social Media
  • Strategy & Goals Discussion
  • Marketing + Sales Funnel Modeling (Visits-to-Customer)
  • Website Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Website Navigation Map
  • Website Conversion Map
  • CRM Use and Sales Enablement Plan
  • Digital Onboarding Action Plan

HubSpot Partner

As a HubSpot Partner, we understand how inbound marketing will help you increase traffic and get more sales. We’ve also mastered the art of making that happen.

A Bit of History on The Conversion Mill

The Conversion Mill grew out of a more traditional “old school” approach to marketing and advertising. In fact, our founder and CEO, Chris Hood, spent many years working as a prepress graphic designer working on traditional printed marketing pieces for hundreds of clients in the Middle Georgia area.

But, as more effective marketing channels were developed online, we saw that a new approach would be needed to do successful marketing in today’s digital world. Print advertising simply didn’t cut it any longer, nor did the online directories that basically worked the same way as the phone books. We needed a new methodology that would more effectively reach today’s buyers, not just an updated version of an old methodology.

Why Inbound?

At The Conversion Mill, we saw that traditional methods of marketing were a thing of the past – ineffective and overpriced. We’ve learned to leverage inbound marketing because of its ability to grow traffic to your website, generate high-quality leads, and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

We only partner with the best.

As we worked more with inbound marketing, we came to understand the value of developing valuable, informative, and even educational content. We believe that this actually increases website visitors, leads, and sales. We also saw how easily the process can be automated, and that, in fact, it works even better that way.

We found that HubSpot was the ideal platform for marketing automation. They just about invented the idea of inbound marketing, and we feel that they’ve perfected the system. Hubspot software has all the SEO tools, publishing channels, and analytics to make it simple for us to show you how effective it really is. In fact, we’re so impressed with the platform that we’ve become a HubSpot partner, and really the main tool that we currently use for our clients’ marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Working with a HubSpot Partner

We can’t say it enough: we’re happy to be a HubSpot Partner because we feel that it’s the most effective system for small to medium-sized businesses who are trying to attract more website traffic, convert more leads, and close more sales. It allows us to help you manage the whole process in one place through its deeply integrated platform. We’ve actually gone even a step further and become a Gold Tier HubSpot Partner to show our commitment. This puts us in a group of only about 200 of this level of partners globally, and most of our team members are individually HubSpot certified as well. This elite relationship acknowledges our success working with the platform – we’ve won awards for websites we’ve built with the HubSpot COS. It also gives us access to a wealth of additional support from HubSpot themselves towards the design and development of customized marketing campaigns for our clients.

Inbound Marketing Pricing Packages

For the cost of using an inbound marketing strategy, we have broken it down into four pillars for success.

  • 1. Fast Track Branding™
  • 2. Online OnBoarding™
  • 3. SMART Sales Website™
  • 4. Monthly Inbound Marketing

Initial Start-Up Fee


Includes the following

  • Development of 2 buyer personas
  • Keyword analysis and strategy
  • Content creation (x 3 premium content offer eBooks), 2 top of the funnel and 1 middle of the funnel
  • Call-to-action and landing page development (x 3 premium content offers, writing, branding, and distribution on a landing page via a form fill)
  • List segmentation – based on client current contact database 1000 contacts or less
  • Development of marketing email template
  • Development of 1 nurture workflow. This requires a PRO HubSpot subscription.
  • HubSpot setup, management, training, and oversight
  • Competitive analysis setup



Includes the following

  • Setup and integration of 3 social media channels, typically Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Also includes auto-posting of all blog articles and instruction with client on social media monitoring and engagement tactics.
  • Blog articles based upon a 12-month editorial calendar. Blog at 2x per week.
  • Campaign and conversion mapping for 1 path
  • Installation of SMART CTA package and inclusion in all blog articles
  • Managing and monitoring of site page SEO and keyword performance (up to 12 pages)
  • 1 marketing email monthly
  • 1 conversion path workflow
  • Management and monitoring of email effectiveness (marketing and nurturing)
  • Monthly review of progress
  • Quarterly review for additional campaigns and conversion paths



Includes everything in the BASIC plan plus

  • Blog at 3x per week
  • Setup and integration of 4 social media accounts
  • 2 additional eBook offers
  • 2 additional CTAs, landing pages
  • Campaign and conversion mapping for 1 additional path (2 total)
  • On-site SEO and page optimization up to 20 pages
  • List segmentation up to 2000 contacts
  • 1 additional workflow (requires PRO HubSpot subscription)
  • Development of 1 additional monthly email marketing campaign (2 total)
  • Monthly review of progress
  • Quarterly review for additional campaigns and conversion paths



Includes everything in the PRO plan plus

  • Blog at 4x per week
  • Setup an integration of 5 social media accounts
  • 2 additional eBook offers
  • 2 additional CTAs, landing pages
  • Campaign and conversion mapping for 1 additional path (3 total)
  • On-site SEO and page optimization up to 30 pages
  • List segmentation up to 3000 contacts
  • 1 additional workflow (requires PRO HubSpot subscription)
  • Development of 1 additional monthly email marketing campaign (3 total)
  • Creation of 1 monthly video VLOG
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