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Get sticky with it

Get sticky with it

Create Stickiness For Your Website

Over the years, many trends have caught on that most people would not have expected, like the surge of popularity of then-terminally-uncool Hush Puppies shoes in the 1990’s, which were previously only popular among a handful of hipsters in Manhattan.  Television shows which many thought would surely flop reached great success, such as Sesame Street.  People underestimated the cognitive levels of children, but the show’s new approach to teaching gained widespread popularity and fostered literacy in preschoolers.  Books, like The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, have climbed from little known cult series to best-sellers and messages that seemed to hold little importance at the time, such as the dangers of smoking, took hold and are now hot topics all over the world.  It seems that there is a pattern to these phenomenons, which many businesses could learn, replicate and benefit from greatly.

In the book “The Tipping Point,” author Malcolm Gladwell connects the dots for a pattern that can move any idea, message, product, or in our case business in the residential service industry from a small, unknown group to a front-runner in their field.  The main thing you can do to propel your business to its “tipping point” is to create what is known as “The Stickiness Factor.”

I constantly encouraging businesses to do things that make them stand out from their competition – and that’s really what making your business “stick” is all about.  It’s the small details that will make you stick in the minds of your prospects and customers that make them think it’d be crazy to do business with anyone else. This is usually found in the small details that aren’t expected or considered to be the norm.

When a client calls a plumber to come to their home to do some work, they’re probably not expecting a well-dressed, professional looking, nice smelling technician to knock on their door.  If that person does knock on their door and announce that he or she is there to fix the toilet, the image of that employee and ultimately that business will “stick” with that customer, without a doubt.

If you can make small alterations to make your business “sticky,” you will influence the public’s future behavior.  By doing things that are out of the norm for the industry, you make yourself memorable.  People remember what they don’t expect.  What they don’t expect is what “sticks.”  Be creative in finding ways to make your customer smile. It may not be their time to buy today, tomorrow or the next. When it is though they’ll remember what you did to stand out and you’ll top of the list to get that business.

The smallest changes can be the most critical for taking your business to the next level.  The image both the business and the employees present should be different from that which has been expected in the past or from that which others are presenting.  In the case of service industry workers, the more professional of an image you can present, the more memorable you will be to your clients.  All humans instinctively try to explain the world and the things around us in terms of people’s obvious attributes.  That means you have the power to control how people will perceive your business and its employees.

Something as simple as the way you package or present information can increase your business’ “stickiness factor.”  When giving your client information, use presentation folders with your business logo on them.  The smallest acts can help increase your “stickiness.” By tinkering with the smallest details you can increase the momentum of your business, reach your “tipping point” and run circles around your competition.


Chris Hood

Chris is a digital marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in email, SEO & paid search marketing, website development & testing, and conversion optimization for online businesses. Chris spends most of his downtime cycling, enjoying the outdoors, tinkering with 3D printers, Raspberry Pis, vintage computer technology, and working on strategies to generate more revenue for clients. He holds certifications from Google for their Analytics, Ads, and Marketing products for business and most recently was awarded the title of Dacula's 2020 Business Person of the Year from Alignable.

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