Digital Marketing Superheroes for Small Business

Trained Staff

Sweety Agarwal
Magento Development Specialist

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Stacey Wilson
Account Management & Social Media Specialist

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Soni Singh
Email Marketing Specialist

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Samir Ahuja
Google Ads Specialist

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Gourav Shrivastava
Web Solutions Developer

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Ashish Shandilya
Digital Ads Specialist

Ashish Shandilya is a Digital Marketing Specialist having 11 years experience digital ads management. He spends most of his time managing campaigns in Google Ads, but also has a...

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Rashmi Singh
Email Marketing & Outreach Specialist

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Gunjan Gupta
Google Ads & Social Media Specialist

Gunjan has more than 15 years of experience running Google Ads and Social Media Ad campaigns, as well as social media content creation. She has an impressive knowledge of...

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Sumit Singh
Project Coordinator

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