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A/B Testing

A/B Testing

AB Testing for optimization

Big changes are possible through small tweaks to your website. Something as simple as updating the color of an Add to Cart button can ad thousands to your bottom line each month.

Don’t “guess” what  will make your traffic convert. Test it!

We take a data-driven approach to conduct a number of small experiments on different elements of our clients’ websites to determine what prompts their users to take the desired actions while viewing a page.


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  • Improved user engagement
  • Improved content
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Higher conversion values
  • Ease of analysis
  • Quick results
  • Everything is testable
  • Reduced Abandoned Carts
  • Increased Sales

A mistake that some companies make is to start moving a bunch of levers around without clear planning upfront for what they’re trying to optimize — and what will be impacted by those changes.

― Dan Siroker, A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers

A/B testing allows companies to make calculated changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results. This allows them to construct hypotheses, and to learn why certain elements of their experiences impact user behavior.

A/B testing can be used consistently to continually improve a given experience, improving a single goal like conversion rate over time.

Testing one change at a time helps them pinpoint which changes had an effect on their visitors’ behavior, and which ones did not. Over time, they can combine the effect of multiple winning changes from experiments to demonstrate the measurable improvement of the new experience over the old one.

A/B Split Testing Results Over Time

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I have been working with Chris and his team at The Conversion Mill for a year now, and am so pleased with their work. Chris and Stacey have taken the time and effort to really understand my business and brand. They give great attention to detail and recommend ideas and projects I wouldn't have thought of, and then help me bring those to reality. As a solo entrepreneur, I'm very grateful for their partnership with me as I grow my life coaching business.
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Diane Martinez
The Conversion Mill has a proven track record for standing and managing successful campaigns and I would recommend anyone looking to boost their sales and profits to consult with these guys. They rocked my world.
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Jonathan Currey
Working with The Conversion Mill has allowed my company to expand in ways that I didn't realize were possible. I would highly recommend Chris and his great company to friends and colleagues.
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Cameron Chesnut
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